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Every year, we at Alley Kat Signs and Marketing have over 1500 appointments with businesses in the Victoria and southern Vancouver Island area to discuss signage and digital marketing. Because we are a well established company with hundreds of Google Reviews, many folks come to our website and get to know our philosophy of “Valuable Relationships” which often leads them to ask us who are some of the other notable competitors we have in the area.

We are never afraid to be honest with respect to our competition, as a matter of fact ,we have relationships with many of them and we encourage our customers to do as much research as possible.

Here is our take on some of the other sign shops here in Victoria.

1. Houston Signs

I’ve known Dan Houston since even before I started in the sign business. He continues the family business started by his father over 50 years ago. They specialize in large fabricated signs as well as neon and other digital vinyl products.
The company also has multiple crane and bucket trucks to service and install large signs.

2. Graphic FX

Located within 2 blocks of Alley Kat Marketing, GFX started as a small business and I actually used their services when I was a manager in the automotive business. They have expanded into a larger premises to facilitate large scale projects. They do a lot of CnC routed signs with custom lighting as well as fabricated signs.
Brothers, Kyle and Jay and their team have installed many of vehicle wraps as well.

3. The Sign Pad

Relative newcomers to Victoria’s sign scene, Greg and Lyle (also brothers) produce lots of vehicle wraps, large format prints and some fabricated metal signs. They are located just outside Victoria in WestShore.

4. SpeedPro

The owner; Nagy, has 2 locations. The first one is literally 1 block from us and the other in Sidney. Specializing in small to medium sized jobs and quick turnaround of digital products. Nagy is a hardworking family man and we often help each other out with supplies etc.


We not only have “Valuable Relationships” with our customers and staff, but also with our suppliers AND competitors. I have been called upon at one time or another to do work for most of them. I’ve also reached out to them for help with production or supplies and they have ALL referred work to us.

If you’re getting quotes for your sign or marketing project in Victoria, do your own research and make up your own mind.

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Lastly, we have many samples in our shop of completed signs and construction materials. You’re welcome to come in and experience it for yourself instead of basing this huge decision on a piece of paper or computer screen.

We are located on Bridge St. near Bay St. and have free parking right out front, or if you prefer, we can usually meet you at your location.