Our valuable Relationship with the Environment.

Trusted by 2500+ Businesses in Canada, USA and Around the World

Over the past decade, we have increased our Green Awareness and reduced our carbon footprint. You’ll be happy to know that our supplies are as earth friendly as possible. Alley Kat Signs utilize latex inks, lead free substrates, recyclable print media as much as possible. We also offer to re-use, recover and reprint as much scrap media as possible.

We even recycle our shipping pallets…and what can no longer reuse, reconstruct or repurpose, we burn in our airtight stove to heat our home.

LEED Qualified (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) We’ve developed valuable relationships with LEED qualified suppliers so your project can receive the valuable certification required to win contracts.

Recycled, recyclable and regionally manufactured products fits nicely within the LEED guidelines, and gives you a competitive option when trying to meet green specifications. As an example, our Gemini supplied metal products use only lead and mercury-free metals with a high concentration of recycled materials. The Gemini formed plastic line is a cellulose acetate butyrate (CAB) that contains no petroleum.

Besides our products, our production processes have a green thumbprint from beginning to end. We take great pride in our environmentally friendly processes.

If the environment is as VALUABLE to you as it is to us, choose Alley Kat Signs and Marketing.