Acceptable File Types & File Set Up

Adobe Illustrator – Up to and including CS6. Please save as (.ai), (.eps) or (.pdf).
Adobe Photoshop – Up to and including CS6. Please save as (.psd) or (.tif) and preserve layers if possible.

All Art

  • Linked and embedded files must be included with your composite file
  • Design must be sized? scaled to the overall product dimensions, we suggest creating at 10% of actual size.
  • Use CMYK colour space (U.S. Web Coated SWOP V2), this will assist with the predictability of results across all our fabrics.
  • Whenever possible, please assign a Pantone value.

Vector Art

  • Convert all text to paths.
  •  Whenever possible use Pantone values, this will ensure more accurate colour reproduction.
  • Pantone colours should not be blended with process colour.
  • Special effects such as drop shadows, overprinting or transparencies should not be used, as they
    could have an unexpected outcome.
    Rasterized Art
  • Low-resolution artwork should NOT be resized to meet our minimum requirements. Please send a hardcopy that can be scanned.