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Frequently Asked Questions


Is graphic design included in the quote?

Graphic Design is available at $100.00/hr (half hour minimum)

File setup is $37.50 minimum

What are acceptable file formats?

Adobe Illustrator – Up to and including CS6. Please save as (.ai), (.eps) or (.pdf).

Adobe Photoshop – Up to and including CS6. Please save as (.psd) or (.tif) and preserve layers if possible.

What is acceptable file set up?

All Art

• Linked and embedded files must be included with your composite file

• Design must be sized and scaled to the overall product dimensions, we suggest creating at 100% of actual size.

• Use CMYK colour space (U.S. Web Coated SWOP V2), this will assist with the predictability of results across all our media. Whenever possible, please assign a Pantone value.

Vector Art

• Convert all text to outlines. (paths)

• Whenever possible use Pantone values, this will ensure more accurate colour reproduction.

• Pantone colours should not be blended with process colour.

• Special effects such as drop shadows, overprinting or transparencies should not be used, as they may have an unexpected outcome.

Rasterized Art

• Low-resolution artwork should NOT be resized to meet our minimum requirements. Please send a hardcopy that can be scanned.

What are your payment terms?

Estimates are valid for 30 days. 50% due on signing of order to begin design and proofs.

Balance due immediately upon completion.

$2000.00 maximum on Visa or Mastercard. EFT accepted.

What is the best way to upload files?
How long do graphics last?

All graphics come with a 1 year warranty against fading, manufacturer or material defects.(conditions apply) Graphics are usually rated from 2-5 years but most last many years longer.

What type of cedar do you use?

We Use Western Red Cedar (not an endangered species) .The 2-4″ h vertical grain planks are laid in the same direction for symmetry. All our cedar signs are sealed with 2-3 coats of epoxy before blasting. After the last coat of paint and graphics are applied the signs are completely sealed.

How long does cedar last?

Outdoor durability is determined by many factors. Cedar has a very high tannin content giving excellent weathering characteristics. (Cedar roof shingles have an expected life of 20-30 years.) Cedar also naturally weathers to a silvery gray. We recommend reconditioning approximately every 5 years.

Are your products eco friendly?

You’ll be happy to know that our supplies are as earth friendly as possible. Alley Kat Signs utilize waterbased latex inks, lead free substrates and recyclable print media as much as possible..

We also offer to re-use, recover and reprint as much off-cut media as possible. We even recycle our shipping pallets…and what can no longer be reused, reconstructed or re-purposed, we burn in our airtight stove to heat our home.

As an example, our Gemini supplied metal products use only lead- and mercury-free metals with a high concentration of recycled materials. The Gemini formed plastic line is a cellulose acetate butyrate (CAB) that contains no petroleum.

Besides our products, our production processes have a green thumbprint from beginning to end. Our environmental programs are supported by Alley Kat Signs and Marketing executive team, We take great pride in our environmentally friendly processes.

If the environment is as VALUABLE to you as it is to us, choose Alley Kat Signs.

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