Valuable people, valuable relationships, creating valuable results.

This vision is not a triangle. It is not a formula where one statement only exists in the order in which it is placed in the sentence. These statements are interconnected, building on each other like the helix of DNA. Each phrase is key to a fully formed process, philosophy, and vision; each supporting the other.

Each at different times and in different situations becomes a focal point, but never the only point, never compromising one for another.

Who are we valuing?

First of all, we are valuing our team, the staff members who work at Alley Kat Signs and Marketing. We strive to provide a positive work environment where team members are appreciated for their contribution by management and respected by their peers.

We also value their families and understand allowances must be made for family situations. Time off for appointments, school functions, weddings, etc.

We offer competitive compensation including wages, benefits package, flexible hours, and profit-sharing.

Secondly, we value our clients. We value them because, without them, we have no business and no business means we don’t need our team! It’s all intertwined.

We value relationships

with our team and family and show it by buying coffee, snacks, BBQs, flexible schedules, vacations, competitive compensation, benefits, listening, having fun, and genuine relationships in their personal lives.

We value relationships with our customers

We understand that there are many options available to our clients. Other companies provide the products and services that we do, so we are thankful and appreciative of our clients’ patronage. We also understand that the better the relationship, the more loyal the customer is. These relationships must become proactive, not responsive.

We value relationships with suppliers

Good supplier relationships are rewarded with better service, pricing, terms, and shipping. We have excellent relationships with Grimco, ND Graphics, WRI, and All Graphics Supplies. We also deal with numerous specialty suppliers. Our preference is to deal with established vendors, choosing value over price alone.

We value relationships with our strategic partners

We have our own design team, but other designers, contractors, and marketing companies choose us to produce and install their projects as well.

We value relationships with our community
  • The David Foster Foundation
  • Burnside Gorge Community Centre
  • Bike to work week
  • Cridge Centre for the Family
  • Wiseways Preschool
  • Queen Alexandra Hospital
  • Lighthouse Church
  • Ride for Dad
  • Pac Rim Lacrosse
  • Telus Ambassadors
  • The Land Conservancy
  • Santas Anonymous
  • UIC ROV Project
  • Ukrainian Cultural Centre
Local Christian Ministries
  • Auxano
  • Camp Imadene
  • Superkids
  • Lambrick Park Church
  • Youth for Christ
  • Young Life
International Organizations
  • World Vision
  • Compassion International
  • Grand Canyon University Lacrosse Team

We value our products

because they represent who we are after we are out of the picture and are unable to speak for ourselves and our company. As our ongoing silent “salespeople,” they should bring us more business.

We value our products because they generate revenue, income, and profits. This, in turn, allows us to create new relationships through the growth of our team, our client base, and possibly our suppliers. Will the value of our product enhance or diminish our reputation?

Does our product do what we represent it will do?

It doesn’t have to do it forever. Some products are short-term, and some are long-term. Both have value but not the same cost. Sometimes we have to set the expectation of value. Sometimes perceived value is unrealistic. Sometimes it is too high or too low.

This is why we often present good, better, and best options. This allows the client to choose the best value proposition for themselves at that point in time.

Will the quality of the end product enhance or diminish our standing in the eyes of our customers?

Our goal is to deliver an estimate within 24 hours of receiving accurate descriptions and measurements of your sign needs.

We strive to follow up with all prospective clients,  being attentive, persistent, and professional.

Everyone faces problems from time to time. At Alley Kat Signs, should this happen, you will find our problem-solving efforts second to none!